Daryl Riffle finds new home at Whistle Stop in Ansonia Ohio

“When I found out about the news of Dad resigning from the fair I immediately got to the drawing board,” youngest son and Whistle Stop owner Andrew Riffle stated.  “When you think of an exceptional employee, community citizen, and father there was no question I had to find a way to bring him in. My parents, including mother Mary Riffle, have always been involved in all of my decision making this far in my life. I am just happy that I am fortunate enough to have so many family members involved. My sister in law Jessica Riffle is the restaurant manager and runs all the day to day operations. My mom and brother Adam Riffle do many things behind the scenes to help with the success of the Whistle. And most importantly my fiancé Kalie Sanders supports me in any way imaginable as well as does a lot of behind the scenes items. With the recent growth of the restaurant, as well as my aggressive schedule of improvements and changes, it takes a team of great family and employees to keep customers happy and our product exceptional.”

When asked what role the elder Riffle would play Andrew replied “Thats the beautiful thing. He can do anything. Anyone who knows Dad knows he has so many talents to offer. That’s why I knew I had to grab him. I can work on his exact duties later. I can tell you he will now run Riffle Mowing and Landscaping, which I have owned since 2001. He will do everything from the book work to the actual mowing. He will be a one man show,” Riffle laughed. “I think he will secure additional mowing yards because people know they can trust him and that he will ensure he does a great job. He will also manage all rentals I own under Riffle Real Estate, LLC. It’s just gotten to be too much as I now have 12 properties,” Andrew said. “He has rentals so he will adjust to that task very easily. Lastly, I can tell you he will have much involvement at The Whistle working on special projects and assisting Jessica with anything she needs. Dad is also on the visitors board so I would love to see him continue to represent our awesome county and The Whistle on that board.”

“I feel like I hit the jackpot on this one. With all six of us involved it’s now a family business,” Riffle beamed. 

Anyone wanting to inquire about lawn care services can contact them at 9374177240. 

More info regarding the Whistle Stop in Ansonia Ohio can be found at whistlebarandgrill.com