Online Ordering Whistle’s Newest Feature

Coming off the most exciting year in Whistle Stop history has not stopped The Whistle Stop, located in downtown Ansonia, from continuing to improve operations.  “My list of ideas for improving The Whistle is miles long,” joked owner Andrew Riffle.  “The restaurant environment is changing all the time and we want to make sure we are doing our part in keeping up with those changes.”

The Whistle finished and implemented their online ordering feature last week after three months of design and the response has been very positive.  “I wanted to make sure we didn’t rush the project and we did it right,” Riffle explained.  “It took a lot of time and resources to pull this off.  A big asset to me and my business lately has been Jonathan Bateman.  He helped with the design of the website and making a lot of the promotion items to go along with the website.  I made changes daily and he rolled with those changes.  Jennifer Overholster, as well as some others, helped take hundreds of pictures.  I wanted to make sure that when the customers visit the site they instantly become hungry.  I want the customer to enjoy everything from shopping for their supper, to ordering it, and finally actually eating it is a great experience.  I want to also thank a lot of Whistle regulars and friends who helped trial the new system leading up to implementation,” Riffle stated.

Riffle also stated he wanted to thank his employees and his bar manager Jessica Riffle and father Daryl Riffle.  “The employees and Jessica and Dad have handled the day to day operations which has enabled me the time needed to work on all my projects.  I enjoy making improvements and just want the Whistle to continue to improve.  We have completed numerous projects since the Queen of Hearts has finished but unfortunately a lot of those were to improve operations and can’t be seen.  So I am happy we were able to get this completed for our loyal customers.”

Customers wanting to try out the new online ordering feature can visit them at whistlebarandgrill.com and click on the online ordering button.  To keep up with news, specials, and promotions sign up for the Whistle Stop newsletter.